Sunday, October 31, 2010

Implantation Bleeding Scientific

desire for sweetness ..

hello .. To be honest .. I'm excited .. share is always a nice experience, especially if you do it with some friends that are estimated, without jealousy or desire to excel .. My name is Antonella Anto but almost everyone calls me, I throw into the province of Chieti, work and Library in a museum, I have 2 super kids sensational, Tania and Manuel, and many children "adopted" .. first of all that Christie is my best friend ... that means I always have the house full of people who calls day and night and is always welcome, I have many friends, a dog that has to do now badantina the grandmother, a lot of work, lots of hobbies and chronic hunger Time, time, time, as well as food .. -.- In fact I'm becoming obese .. uff .. scrapbooking has put together that I love photography, decorations, and then the fantasy is one of my favorite hobbies that I can only do so little .. :-( I like cooking, sewing, necklaces, knead the dough to corn and the latest is the passion for nativity scenes, I love the thumbnails and details, I'm attending a course very rewarding on the Construction of cribs plasterboard. . quelcosa will show you as soon as possible:)
I hate people lying, false, hypocritical, selfish, bad that most of the world's population .. ;) For that reason have become very selective! I remain friendly, even talkative because it is hard not to be:).
Luckily I still can move me with very little and are basically a happy person;) ..
The beach house is our place of dreams .. when after leaving work, mess, debt, diet, dogs, and when you can, the children at home, we allow ourselves the luxury of dedicating, in peace, time to ourselves ..
dearest friends, will be wonderful to share this space together, I will be posting useful things in this .. I start with a small gift in pannolenci I made for my daughter who had an urgent need for beauty homes .. e. a big kiss. the next


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